Monday, July 13, 2009

The 1992 NBA Allstar Game: Magic gets busy while Isiah Crashes and Burns.

NBA TV(HD) might be the best thing that has ever happened in my life! For those of you that dont live in nyc, the cable companies out here be on that bullshit. My cable company (RCN) didnt get NBA TV or the Knicks in HD for the past three years. I watched the entire Knicks season last year on tv and picture was looking like some 1984, Nintendo graphics shit. Long story short I just got NBA TV this year around the same time the playoffs started. Conveniently right after my NBA League Pass ended. Yesterday I watched Magic Johnson's last NBA Allstar game. The year where he first D'd up Isiah and Jordan, and then after that hit 3's from deep in both they faces. A lot of people might not even have peeped out how Magic called Jordan out to play D, and Mike didnt want no parts of that. Keep in mind that this was the year that Magic announced that he had HIV, and retired from the NBA. He had not played competitively in almost a year, and was also in the twilight of his basketball career. Magic was a litte Chubby, but he still came back scoring 25 points, padding his All-Star assists total to 127 and winning his second allstar MVP.1992 was also the year that Barcelona held the Summer Olympics. The Allstar game was like DREAM TEAM Tryouts for the last 2 or 3 spots. It has been reported or rumored that Isiah Thomas (who was auditioning for one of those last remaining roster spots) purposely did not put Jordan in the offence, and told the other players to also deny Mike the ball. After watching the game the other day I could clearly see that Zeek was on that bullshit! He had his back to Jordan the whole game(in the half court set). That may have been the reason why the East got they ass bust that night (west: 153 - east: 113) Jordan was fresh off of sweeping the Pistons in the 91 Eastern Conference Finals, and then going to get his first chip against Magic's Lakers. Plus ni$$as was talking all that Jordan rules shit for years at that point. Piston/Bulls had numerous playoff battles, so Mike and Isiah had been not liked each other. I personally feel that Zeek was also mad that Mike stole his Chicago Shine. Before Mike, Isiah was the biggest basketball icon outta Chi-Town. Mike deaded all that. Because of all that shit, added with the fact that the point guard Isiah was hating and didnt wanna give Mike the ball in the 92 allstar game, Jordan told the Olympic Commitee that if Isiah was playing, then he wasnt. And Zeeks career has been tumbling down hill since then. Isiah Thomas would soon retire from playing in the nba, to later fuck up the raptors franchise, fuck up the CBA, destroy the pacers franchise, completely fuck up the Knicks Franchise and stephon malbury life. (while getting stef rich at the same time.)

Another thing that jumped out at me was how Pippen was dunking all over ni$$as in that game. Also I want to be the first to say that David Robinson has got to hold the record for getting dunked on the most in Allstar Game History. Barkley banged on him crazy toward the end of the game. I almost forgot how much handles and creativity Barkley had with the rock. Chuck cut a few dudes up and was also working well going back and forth with Jordan.

One of the bird watching highlights of the game was getting to see Cookie, Magic's wife, in the crowd. She might have been the first athlete's wife that I can remember. Also big shoutout to Tim Hardaway for letting Magic take his starting spot that year. Vince did the same thing 8 years later for Jordan's last allstar game in New York.

** Peep Wesley Snipes and his White Chick 21 seconds in on this video. What does this dude have on? (92 allstar game on nbc, 4th quarter, Magic getting busy) **

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