Tuesday, April 28, 2009


Catch me in that east side jersey this Summer.


Mama There Goes That Man - Kobe Bryant

I thought I was gonna have a whole lot to say in this post until I found this picture. Shit like this can ruin a career. Remember when Shaq banged on David Robinson in the 1996 All- Star Game? Robinson was never the same.

Kobe for MVP, fuck what you heard.

Damn Dwight......


Monday, April 27, 2009


I wish I had time to get my photo shop poppin to include big heads of Rasheed Wallace and Richard Hamilton in place of Pesci and Glover. I think Rah was 0 for 7 or something crazy yesterday. I knew they wouldn't win the series but a sweep?

Big Laughs...


Sunday, April 26, 2009


Check out the old SI Cover story on NYC's prodigal son, Felipe Lopez. Every ball player from NYC wanted to be like FL at some point in their life, don't front. FL currently plays for Gaiteros del Zulia in Venezuela.

Dec 20, 1993 - At New York City's Rice High School in Harlem, there is a conspicuous illustration on one of the walls of Mrs. Simonelli's art class. It is the first sketch in Felipe Lopez's blue period. The ink drawing features the planet earth shedding a tear while coddling a child. The Rice senior, who many scouts say is the most accomplished high school basketball artist in the nation, explains that his work symbolizes the need to care for all children in poverty. Felipe admits that he is still a child himself and that children are often idealists, but in the heart of Harlem you must probe deep to find a paragon like Felipe Lopez. "I have so many good ideas in my head," the artist says. "I want to change the unhappy world around me, so I must use my creativity in class and on the court to bring hope."

When Felipe immigrated to New York City from the Dominican Republic in 1989, during the summer before his eighth-grade year, he couldn't say hope or anything else in English. Since that day his vocabulary has nourished along with his body. He has added 6� inches and 40 pounds to reach his current 6'5", 180-pound stature, expanding skyward so quickly that one day a few years back he pulled a pair of pants from his closet and didn't recognize them as his own. Felipe's lithe, elastic build recalls that of Michael Jordan, prompting his mother, Carmen, to say, "If he would eat more, he could be like the man who jumps."

Like so many kids in the Dominican Republic, Felipe was encouraged to play baseball but was quickly discouraged when he shagged a throw with his nostrils. He gravitated to hoops, the more so once he reached the States. Three years later, he declined a $500,000 offer to forgo the rest of high school and the prospect of college to play pro basketball in Spain. Last season he averaged 25.1 points, 8.7 rebounds and live love-struck Division I coaches per game as he led the Raiders to a 21-5 record. "Felipe has tremendous potential," says recruiting maven Tom Konchalski. "He has the speed of a world-class sprinter and can leap tall buildings in a single bound. He is already an icon in the Latino community, more popular than Menudo ever was."

Felipe clearly has the talent to make a big name for himself and establish a presence in basketball for the Hispanic community, of which he is already the pride and hope. So revered is Felipe in his native Dominican Republic that when he returned to his hometown of Santiago this summer and joined a pickup game, more than 1,000 neighbors came to watch. The game ended when Felipe tore down the rim on a dunk and scraped his arm. A woman came out of the bleachers to stanch the bleeding, then asked Felipe if he would autograph the bloody hankie.

Felipe, in turn, respects his heritage and vows he will attend college in a city with a large Hispanic community. He has tailored his choices to that end. "I want a lot of Hispanic kids to be able to see me play," he says. "My greatest joy is when the children come to me and say, 'I'm going to be the next Felipe.' "

During his career at Rice, Felipe has become accustomed to playing before appreciative crowds, even during road games. On Dec. 2 the Raiders opened their season at George Washington High in Manhattan's Washington Heights, a Dominican enclave. Felipe dazzled the crowd with 48 points, including two treys and five poster-worthy dunks. After the game, when someone mentioned that 48 points had to be the most ever scored by a Rice player, one couldn't help but recall a moment a few hours earlier in Mrs. Simonelli's classroom. "You could say that I'm greedy," Felipe had said, staring at the full circumference of his planet earth. "I want to make history everywhere I go."

Wednesday, April 22, 2009


23 PPG
EFF +28.50
Celtics ass buss in playoff debut... No arguments here

Tuesday, April 21, 2009


You know the name and the game. BJ Armstrong might be able to make a case for first team of the SBD All-Stars (To be annouced at the end of the 09' playoffs along side the 09 Playoff Nigga All-Stars).

Peep the stats...

Career Highlights

Closed the 1997-98 season ranked 4th in NBA history in career three-point percentage (.424)

Posted a 1997-98 season-high 15 points, 7 assists and 3 rebounds against the New Jersey Nets on 4/15/98

Played in 577 consecutive games between the 1989-90 and 1996-97 seasons, the 11th-longest streak in NBA history
Scored a career-high 35 points, for the Warriors, against the Houston Rockets on 3/19/96

Made his All-Star debut as a starter for the Eastern Conference in the 1994 NBA All-Star Game, posting 11 points and 4 assists

Competed in the long-distance shootout during the 1993 NBA All-Star Weekend in Salt Lake City and again in 1994 in Minneapolis

Led the NBA in 1992-93 in three-point percentage (.453)

A member of the Chicago Bulls' three consecutive NBA championship teams in 1991, 1992 and 1993

Has appeared in 103 career NBA Playoff games, averaging 8.0 ppg, 2.4 apg and 1.5 rpg



This post will be dedicated to those players who get a lil shine in the regular season but earn their paycheck and respect doing the dirty work in the playoffs. Some people, like Jordan Farmar sporting bridge and tunnel type hair cuts think they aren't part of the SBD crew and whind up losing their jobs to Chris Brown lookalikes we haven't seen play since they were playing for another team, big shouts to the homie Shannon Brown! The first person to grace the inauguaral SBD post is my man Mbengas! He got NO shine in game one but Ya'll know Phil Jackson has him ready to go beat up on some people and take scary jumpshots. Plus he has his own fan club! Phil Jackson HAS to be the greatest coach ever to get a nigga like Mbengas hot enough to get his own fan club...Stay Tuned...


"My mom's told me if somebody hit me to hit them back" - Sephon Marbury

This is a famous quote from "a dream deferred" AKA "remember those Iverson/ Marbury arguments well iverson won!" AKA "Dickhead" Stephon Marbury when he was fuding with then New York Knicks Head Coach, Larry Brown, AKA the only coach to win a ring at the college, olympic and National levels who is now getting money with Jordan and em in Charlotte (Don't sleep). It's unfortunate that the only reason I'm even addressing Steph in this post is because watching the Celtics struggle with the homie Kevin Garnett hurt only makes me think that Marbury is the sole reason why the Celtics wont make it past the second round IF they even get past the first. He is straight cancer on the court and more so in the locker room. I blame him for KG's injury because it was Marbury's ass that had me and KG stuck in Minnesota for a huned years with mad L's and limited playoff appearances. I promise, Marbury is bad luck for KG. Everybody has that one thing that just aint good for them and when you see it be it a person, smell whatever, you know shit is gonna go the wrong way for you. For Seinfeld it was Newman, for me it's light skin chics with pretty hair (sometimes trouble can be good for you!). But this is not the kind of trouble the Celtics need right now, especially when Paul Peirce is looking older than Vince Carter but without the lift in his legs (insert Derrick Rose block here). And lately Paul has been wearing that nervous "what we gon do" face way too often.

I don't know, maybe Doc Rivers should have done a bit more digging before bringing Steph into the fold, a few more phone calls a few more hail mary's. I fear this is a short term move that is going to have long term effects.


Best Dunker In the World?

I think I have seen almost every NBA dunk contest, and I have also seen my fair share of And 1 and Rucker Park dunk dvd's, but I have never seen nobody tear down a dunk contest like James White. Check out where he takes off from when he windmills from behind the free throw line. I don't even think you can do between the leg free throw dunks in video games.

J.White could also have his ass in the where are they now section, cus I don't know what language they was speaking in that clip. I did notice how James imported him self some black chicks in the front row. James pulled a Pargo/Childress move fucking with them Euros.

Monday, April 20, 2009

Where Are They Now?

Born: 29.04.1976
Height: 6’0” (183 cm)
Height: 170 lbs. (77 kg)
From: New York, USA

Shammgod was born as Shammgod Wells in New York and there he was going to elementary school, and next to LaSalle Academy where in 1995 he was part of McDonald's All-America. Known as God Shammgod (officially changed his name) he started to play in few teams on local courts. God was always confident what helped him to reach his goals, but also drove him in a lot of troubles. After high school he was studying in Providence. In 95/96 season he scored average 9.6 ppg, 6.5 apg and 1.4 spg during 29 games. After season he was classified to BEC All-Rookie Team. He was very controversial player, starting at his name, ending at his comments. Last such controversial player was Marvin "Bad News" Barnes, former ABA star. One day he considered himself as best guard since Ernie DiGergorio – one of the biggest stars of the college and former NBA player. Scouts said he had some talent but he's another kid looking for fame and publicity. But God really had skills. He was fast, had great handle and could pass like nobody. He had makings of a team leader. In sophomore year his statistics were following: 10.8 ppg, 6.6 apg, 2.4 spg, 2.3 rpg. He played in 36 games. His abilities he could show at NCAA tournament where he got to Final Four. After this success Shammgod decided to end his education and enter NBA Draft. He was picked in 1997 in second round by Washington Wizards with 46th number. In 97/98 season God played in 20 games where he got average 3.1 ppg, 1.8 apg, 0.4 rpg, 0.4 spg. Unfortunately he suffered an injury and didn't appear on court till the end of the season. In 98/99 season there was a lookout in NBA and season was delayed. God started this season with Washington but they terminated his contract.

After playing in NBA he was in CBA for one season. He was player of La Crosse Bobcats which choose him in draft in 1997 with 36 number in forth round. He participated in two drafts hoping that he will be picked in one of them, but he was picked in both. In La Crosse Bobcats he played till January 2000. In March he joined Bravos, Venezuelan team, but during the season he left the team. 2000 season he ended in San Carlos team form Dominican Republic.

Next stage in his life was Poland (place where Speedballin is from). In 2000/01 season he was Brok Czarni Slupsk's player. During his 27 games he scored 11.9 ppg and had 5.6 apg, 2.8 spg, 1.7 rpg. He also played in polish All-Star game. Czarni Slupsk ended season on 7th place. After that season he came back to USA where he played 4 games for USBL's Florida Sea Dragons. He had 5.5 ppg, and 3.5 apg. Then he participated in Rocky Mountain Summer League where he was Dallas Mavericks player. Unfortunately there was no place for him in Mavs team. In 2002 season he was Zhejiang Horses and then Al Ittihad player (first – China, second – Saudi Arabia). This season was very successful because he reached play-offs with both teams. Whole 2002/03 season God spent in Zhejiang Horses team where he got 6.3 apg (3rd in league) and 2.5 spg (4th). He ended season recognized as All-Chinese CBA 2nd Team and Chinese CBA All-Imports Team player.

At the beginning of 2003/04 season he played in Zhejiang Wanma Cyclones in Chinese CBA league. He played in CBA All-Stars Game but in March he sign contract with Al Ittihad and played in KSA-D1 – Saudi Arabia league. With that team God won national championship, Saudi Arabia Prince Faisal bin Fahed Cup, Saudi Arabia Nukhba Cup. He won also scoring title and MVP. He spend all next season (2004/05) with the same team. This time they get only to league's semifinal. In 2k5 God participated in Jones Cup (Taiwan) and Global Hoops Summit in Las Vegas. He returned to China for 2006/07 campaign. His Shanxi Yujun was the league's weakest team. After that he played for IBL's Portland Chinooks. He scored 24.7 ppg in 10 games (13th place in the league). Together with teamates David Lucas, David Jackson and Mike Parker he participated in 2007 IBL All-Star Game. His team took 5th place in the league (20-7). Next he signed with Al Kuwait S.C. (May 2k7). Team qualified to the Semi-Finals of Arab Clubs Championship. Shammgod played this season again in China for Zhejiang Wanma Cyclones.

At the end we should write something about his streetball achievements. All of us know him as "Shammgod" trick creator. In streetball world he is known as Shammgod Wells. Since he was born in streetball mecca he had chance to show his skills. He played in Bronx Summer League or Entertainers Basketball Classic (EBC) with MBK Entertainment. He start to play in Rucker Park EBC with Mousey's Dream Team (1992). On the team were top HS stars like: Stephon Marbury, Kareem Reid, Malloy Nesmith, Curry Thompson, Terry Dehere or Roderick Rhodes. They get to the finals. Unfortunately team lost against Flavor Unit. In 2000 for example he played for Puff Diddy's Bad Boy. His teammates were Kereem "Best Kept Secret" Reid and Ron "True Warrior" Artest (old friend from LaSalle Academy HS). Team has best RS result (6-0) but lost in play-off. He was part of NYC All-Star team in Rucker Park summer league where he played with Escalade or Richie Parker. He played in And1 vs. NY game, which was organized in Harlem. He appeared with ballers like: Reggie "High Five" Freeman, Rich Parker, Lonnie "Prime Objective" Harrell or Escalade. His comeback to NY caused standing ovation. He was competing with Skip what was loudly appreciated by crowd. Once Skip fooled God with his crossover, then came back and made an alley-oop. Shammgod didn't owe him for a long time. He served Skip his famous move and boomerang. I don't have to say what happened with the crowd. In this game And1 team was better and won this match. In 2004 he played in EBC for Definition team with Artest brothers Ron and Daniel. That year he gained another nick – In God We Trust. Also he joined streetball team – Suave & Smooth. Now Sham plays in Asian teams. Only in summer he returns to Big Apple to have some fun with his friends during tournaments in Rucker Park and other places.

Point Guard Power Rankings

#1 Billups: Was out there playing like he had something to prove. I admit I Thought CP3 was gonna boogie on him, but it didn't even turn out like that. Vintage Billups was hitting threes from all over. and Carmelo had a bad game. In the previous years Denver would have never won a playoff game with a bad showing from Melo. Chauncy proved that this is a new year.

#2 Rose: Played the best game he ever played in his life. Defensively he couldn't do nothing with Rando, but offensively his crossover and pick and role game was unstoppable. He did something that only one other player in the history of the NBA did which was score 36 in a playoff debut.

#3 Rondo: Rando took a L, but you cant blame him. Yeah he had a silly foul trying to keep D.Rose from getting the inbound pass, but he also had D.Rose on skates all night. He made timely offensive rebounds and was controlling the flow of teh offense. Ray Ray didn't help him out at all either shooting 1 for 11 out there.

#4 Brooks: 27 points, 7 dimes and 4 boards speaks for it self. Brooks is flying under the radar but I knew he was gonna be a beast when I seen him play in Oregon.

#5 Williams: Had 16 and 17, but imagine how much he would have had if D.Fish was guarding him. Putting Chris Brown in was a good look for L.A.

THE REST: Bibby played good but ATL didnt really need him, Andre Miller turned the ball over way to much, but he did make up for it with big old man looking buckets at the end of the game. Also he was getting doubled by dwight in the first half. I expect a big turn around from CP3 cus I know he aint going out like he did on sunday. Alston also played well in losing effort.


I can not believe that a whole NBA season has gone by and we have not once lost hours of work going back and forth about whose mvp or who got crossed up last night or who lebron banged on. Well I figured now is a good a time as any to start the 09 nba playoff should be working emails. But this time we gonna do it in this blog.

I want to first start off with some comments directed to those Orlando fans, who are letting they love for there team cloud there better judgement. YOU CAN ALL PUT THE BROOMS AWAY! Aint no sweeps happening for ya'll. Like I said be4... any team that will lose against teams with ping pong balls (lottery teams) at the crib, and lose to the Knicks and the Nets in the same week gonna struggle in the playoffs. The boy Iguodala was making the Orlando's Perimeter defensive players look real stupid out there. Second I want to ask if any one knows who the leader of the Orlando teams is? I 'll wait........ Cus somebody besides the coach has to take control and scream on ni66as. To bad your star player spends more time doing the Stanky Leg and impregnating cheerleaders rather than working on his leadership skills. Also why does Rashard Lewis make 120 Million dollars to be a one dimensional player?

Andre Miller was looking like he was shaving points out there at first, turning the ball over all crazy, but then he came back with his old man, stutter step move to the lane for a big layup at the end of the game. I think hes gonna give Rafe problems this series.

For the second year in a row, the 76ers pull a major surprise on the road in game one of the first round. The Magic blew a 14-point fourth quarter lead (and gave up 35 fourth-quarter points to a team that’s offensively-challenged) and put a damper on all that “Look out for Orlando!” chatter. What’s most disturbing is that Dwight Howard hit FTs(9-for-12) and its guards played well (Lee and Alston: 33 points, just three turnovers), and those were two of the problem areas coming into the postseason. (courtesy of thebiglead.com)