Monday, April 20, 2009


I can not believe that a whole NBA season has gone by and we have not once lost hours of work going back and forth about whose mvp or who got crossed up last night or who lebron banged on. Well I figured now is a good a time as any to start the 09 nba playoff should be working emails. But this time we gonna do it in this blog.

I want to first start off with some comments directed to those Orlando fans, who are letting they love for there team cloud there better judgement. YOU CAN ALL PUT THE BROOMS AWAY! Aint no sweeps happening for ya'll. Like I said be4... any team that will lose against teams with ping pong balls (lottery teams) at the crib, and lose to the Knicks and the Nets in the same week gonna struggle in the playoffs. The boy Iguodala was making the Orlando's Perimeter defensive players look real stupid out there. Second I want to ask if any one knows who the leader of the Orlando teams is? I 'll wait........ Cus somebody besides the coach has to take control and scream on ni66as. To bad your star player spends more time doing the Stanky Leg and impregnating cheerleaders rather than working on his leadership skills. Also why does Rashard Lewis make 120 Million dollars to be a one dimensional player?

Andre Miller was looking like he was shaving points out there at first, turning the ball over all crazy, but then he came back with his old man, stutter step move to the lane for a big layup at the end of the game. I think hes gonna give Rafe problems this series.

For the second year in a row, the 76ers pull a major surprise on the road in game one of the first round. The Magic blew a 14-point fourth quarter lead (and gave up 35 fourth-quarter points to a team that’s offensively-challenged) and put a damper on all that “Look out for Orlando!” chatter. What’s most disturbing is that Dwight Howard hit FTs(9-for-12) and its guards played well (Lee and Alston: 33 points, just three turnovers), and those were two of the problem areas coming into the postseason. (courtesy of


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Word up on "who's the leader for Orlando" because with all that work Duhwight (insert charles barkley accent here) puts in you sometimes forget he's on the court. And Rashard lewis is a straight up herb with a funny looking jump shot. How does 120mil shoot his first shots in the first half and makes no effort to get after the ball.

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worndownboyboy said...

The Magic's perimeter defense is shaky at best. Hedo thinks he is the man and he got gassed midway through the season last year. Orlando shoots way too many jumpshots. They can shoot but they shoot jumpers as if they count more than layups. They have the biggest front line(height wise) in the entire league and probably are in the top 3,4 teams in the league in 3pt shots attempted. 76ers are not scared of th em. and they should not be. Terrible thing is thee Magic have the potential to be an NBA champion if they play a decent game MENTALLY. They have all the talent in the world but they fumble all the time. Lee got busy because he decided to go to the rack. Make the defense guard you..dont bail them out with an unforced jumpshot. I don't blame Dwight either, he plays the game the way it should be played. Unselfishly. I have no problem with the way he plays, he is 23/24 he not posed to be screaming on his teammates to give him the rock. What is his coach being paid for. Stan Van G seems to only publicly challenge Dwight ..I dont recall him taking Hedo or Rashard to task for not getting the best center in the league the rock. I can go on forever

Gum Soul ny said...

why dont they give dwight the ball at the end of games? Not ever?