Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Best Dunker In the World?

I think I have seen almost every NBA dunk contest, and I have also seen my fair share of And 1 and Rucker Park dunk dvd's, but I have never seen nobody tear down a dunk contest like James White. Check out where he takes off from when he windmills from behind the free throw line. I don't even think you can do between the leg free throw dunks in video games.

J.White could also have his ass in the where are they now section, cus I don't know what language they was speaking in that clip. I did notice how James imported him self some black chicks in the front row. James pulled a Pargo/Childress move fucking with them Euros.

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worndownboyboy said...

nah man. Pargo and CHildress had American NBA options. James White did not. He aint do enough in the ummer league. Also, White and D Lee was a part of the same Mcdonalds all american class