Monday, April 20, 2009

Point Guard Power Rankings

#1 Billups: Was out there playing like he had something to prove. I admit I Thought CP3 was gonna boogie on him, but it didn't even turn out like that. Vintage Billups was hitting threes from all over. and Carmelo had a bad game. In the previous years Denver would have never won a playoff game with a bad showing from Melo. Chauncy proved that this is a new year.

#2 Rose: Played the best game he ever played in his life. Defensively he couldn't do nothing with Rando, but offensively his crossover and pick and role game was unstoppable. He did something that only one other player in the history of the NBA did which was score 36 in a playoff debut.

#3 Rondo: Rando took a L, but you cant blame him. Yeah he had a silly foul trying to keep D.Rose from getting the inbound pass, but he also had D.Rose on skates all night. He made timely offensive rebounds and was controlling the flow of teh offense. Ray Ray didn't help him out at all either shooting 1 for 11 out there.

#4 Brooks: 27 points, 7 dimes and 4 boards speaks for it self. Brooks is flying under the radar but I knew he was gonna be a beast when I seen him play in Oregon.

#5 Williams: Had 16 and 17, but imagine how much he would have had if D.Fish was guarding him. Putting Chris Brown in was a good look for L.A.

THE REST: Bibby played good but ATL didnt really need him, Andre Miller turned the ball over way to much, but he did make up for it with big old man looking buckets at the end of the game. Also he was getting doubled by dwight in the first half. I expect a big turn around from CP3 cus I know he aint going out like he did on sunday. Alston also played well in losing effort.


worndownboyboy said...

HubiesesWilcox says-but wait though...Knicks need Rubio, Thabeet or Griffin(in reverse order)
u need to retitle this piece, "PLAYOFF POWER RANKINGS FOR PGs." and i am hoping you typed this piece way before Tony Parker Longoria went nuts.

Gum Soul ny said...

yeah I did the post at work be4 the games started. at this point Tony gotta go in there and rando should probally stay where his is

worndownboyboy said...

Chubby Lil Chauncey!