Tuesday, June 30, 2009


I remember scheming in the lunch room to look at this Toni Braxton spread. VIBE was important for so many reasons. XXL, SOURCE, GIANT and everything else only make sense in VIBE's shadow.

Tough week for music...

Get the band back together Quincy!



Who the hell gave Starbury a show?



"How the hell can I make my teammates better by practice?!"

Classic Shit


Thursday, June 25, 2009

Beast Mode (aka Broad Street Bullies)

Lebron exact word to GM Danny Ferry: " If we dont win it ALL next year, Im outta here. Audi 5000!" Danny's response was to go out at get the most dominant center the NBA has ever seen. The Cavs now have two beasts on the court that both demand double team coverage. Let us not forget that Bron Bron has never played with another player that demanded the double team. Also I feel like Shaq is a underrated passer. Mo Willl, Delante and Boobie will benifit from Shaq passing from the post out to them on the perimiter. And the upside to this trade is if it dosent work out, Shaq is in the last year of his contract.

I guarantee that next year the Cavs will have the best pre game skits and antics. Remember the verbal battle that Shaq and Lebron had this season trying to top each other with pre game performances?

(The Cavs and Phoenix Suns have reached an agreement in principle on the deal, which gives the Cavaliers two of the league's biggest superstars.

O'Neal will join Cleveland in exchange for center Ben Wallace, guard Sasha Pavlovic, a second-round draft pick (No. 46 overall in Thursday's draft) and cash, said the two people who spoke on condition of anonymity because the league still must approve the deal.) courtesy of nba.com

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Big Match

If you get a chance make sure to check out the football/soccer match bet. Brazil and Italy today on ESPN. This is a big deal in the World of Soccer. The FIFA Champs (Italy) against one of the best teams in the world Brazil.

Saturday, June 20, 2009

James Harden aka 2010 Rookie of the Year (Draft Preview)

Remember who told you first. Pac 10 Player of the Year James Harden will be the 2010 NBA Rookie of the year. As a west coast player, Harden went under the media's radar up until the NBA Combine. The supposed weakness on Harden was his athleticism, but while at the combine he put up above average times as well as numbers. All of his athletic testing numbers were better than the average for shooting guards historically at the combine. His standing reach and wingspan were a bit longer than the average SG as well. If I had to make a comparison to a player in the NBA it would be Brandon Roy. Harden will do whatever necessary to help his team win. He has point guard skills in a small forwards body. Able to knock down long range jump shots, of the dribble, at critical moment in the game.

Friday, June 19, 2009

Obama vs. LeBron??

It was announced in the news today that President Obama wants LeBron to inaugurate the the White House Court.

June 19 (Bloomberg) -- On paper, it doesn’t look like much of a match-up. A 6-foot, 2-inch, 180-pound, 47-year-old amateur against a 6-foot, 8-inch, 250-pound, 24-year-old pro who won the National Basketball Association’s Most-Valuable Player award this year. Except the amateur will have home-court advantage: the South Lawn of the White House.
In an interview with Bloomberg News this week, President Barack Obama said he would soon invoke executive privilege to summon the Cleveland Cavaliers’ LeBron James and possibly other NBA stars to the White House to shoot some hoops. “As soon as we get the basketball nets up we’re going to have some of these guys over for a game,” Obama said. Asked if he’d be playing, Obama bristled: “Of course. It’s my court.” (source: Bloomberg LP)

To his credit President Obama is also calling on NBA stars as well as other celebrities to bring national attention to fatherhood and to open the door to discussing the state of the country and certain segments of the population with respect to fatherless children in the US.

Are you really hating on this mannn????!?! Can you imagine Dubya postin someone up? Reagan? hellll no ... I just hope the right wing media doesn't ride him for talking sports while the world implodes.

Sidenote: Anybody catch the hand speed when Obama caught the fly during the interview the other night on some Mr. Miyagi sht? Obama San ..Skills. -Sox

Monday, June 15, 2009

King Kobe

Kobe finally got his Shaqless Chip. I'm happy for him. I'm also happy for Phil for getting his 10 chip. Orlando tried hard, but La's Defense was just on another level. Trevor shut down Turk, Gasol played outstanding D on both Rashard and Dwight. (I guess we will never here people call Gasol soft anymore.) And Lamar, like I said, was the x-factor. D Fish, who did step up real big when the lights was on, can now ride out his career into the sunset to die. D Fish game is like the old T.I., dead and gone. And I dont wanna hear all that shit about how the series could have been 3 to 1 in Orlando's favor. Just cus the games were close it seems like people wanna believe that all them games were decided by one play. The fact of the matter is no matter what Orl. did, Kobe was just gonna do something else better to top them and put the dagger in there hearts. The biggest play of the series to me was in Game 4 toward the end of regulation when Kobe grabbed Dwight and pulled him to the ground preventing him from getting the and 1 shot up. Dwight then proceeded to miss both free throws and the rest is history. I dont really blame Jameer to much on the D Fish 3 point play, because Stan Van Goofy should have never been playing full court pressure. Jameer had to guard Ariza and D.Fish running into the front court. Plus he should have been instructed to foul. Also where the fuck was Skip? How many times did Skip get a basket after the Magic was struggling to put the ball in the net?

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Skip "And 1" Highlights

Rafer Jamel Alston, a.k.a. Skip To My Lou or Skip 2 My Lou (born July 24, 1976 in Queens, New York City), is an American professional basketball player currently with the NBA's Orlando Magic.

Streetball Legend
Alston grew up in Jamaica, Queens as a street basketball legend and has received most of his recognition for that aspect of his career. In high school at Cardozo he played in only 10 Games his last two years but managed to score 319 points. He first came into the public spotlight for his starring in the And1 Mixtape Volume 1. In this mixtape, it had him performing his legendary dribbling moves on future NBA star Stephon Marbury. Prior to playing for Fresno State, Alston was regarded by many as the greatest streetball player ever. Alston was drafted after his junior year by the Milwaukee Bucks in the second round, 39th pick overall, of the 1998 NBA Draft.

His nickname, Skip To My Lou, stemmed from his tendency to skip while dribbling the ball upcourt. He played in several prominent streetball tournaments including the Entertainer's Basketball Classic, the North American Street Basketball Tour, the AND1 Mixtape Tour, and the ESPN TV show, Street Ball. It is said that, during a streetball tournament at the legendary Rucker Park in Harlem, Alston once performed what most would regard as an impossible move: during a fastbreak, he supposedly glided in the paint for a layup attempt but made a change of plans in the air as he rolled the ball down his right arm, across his shoulder and down his left arm to a trailing player for a finishing dunk. Alston currently serves as the spokesperson for the Houston Rockets Blacktop Battle -- an annual 3-on-3 streetball tournament held in Houston.

NBA Career
Despite his cult-following from the streetball circuit, Alston decided to make the transition to the professional game. After sitting on the bench for most of the time on a talented Milwaukee Bucks squad, he emerged as a starter for the Miami Heat in 2004. He did not disappoint, averaging 12 points and 4 assists while catapulting a young Miami team to the playoffs. During that season, on a March 26th game against the Dallas Mavericks, he hit a game winning shot in overtime with 0.5 seconds left over the outstretched arms of Shawn Bradley to catapult Miami to a 119-118 victory. He signed with the Toronto Raptors during the summer of 2004.

Following a recent tumultuous tenure with the Toronto Raptors, Alston was traded to the Houston Rockets for guard Mike James on October 4, 2005. Although Alston frequently was criticized for his attitude while in Toronto, it is believed that Rockets coach Jeff Van Gundy conferred with his brother, Miami Heat coach Stan Van Gundy, who coached Alston during the 2003-2004 NBA season, about Alston's work ethic and attitude. Jeff Van Gundy's reputation for toughness and his ability to get the most out of players previously considered "trouble-makers" or "temperamental" (e.g., Latrell Sprewell) has led to optimism on the part of the Rockets' staff. In 2006-07, as the team's starting point guard, Alston thrived in most things but shooting, averaging 13.3 points, 3.4 rebounds, 5.4 assists and 1.6 steals. He ranked in the top ten in the NBA in steals and three-pointers made, and is in the top 20 in assists. In '09 Alston was traded to the Orlando Magic to replace the injured pg Jameer Nelson. While In Orlando Alston helped lead the Magic to the '09 Nba Finals

Alston was arrested in 1998 for violation of parole. Alston had pled no contest in 1997 to assaulting his former girlfriend and was required to complete a one-year anger-management course as part of his probation. Alston failed to complete the course and an arrest warrant was issued. Alston was released and completed his sentence.

Young Skippa!

Skip is by far the best street ball player to ever grace this earth. Not because he has more tricks than David Blain, but solely because he has been the most successful player to make the transition from The Streets to the Hardwood. How many players should have made it... but never did. Pee Wee Kirkland, Alimoe, Shamgodwells, Burger, Richie Parker, Charles Jones just to name a few. The list goes on and on for players that had all the talent to make it, but didnt not have the drive or the mental capacity to pull that shit off. Some players cant leave the street life alone. But I dont think it just about the streets. Ron Artest is one of the most hood players in the league, born and raised in Queens Bridge Projects, and he still has had a outstanding career in Basket Ball. St Johns aint been the same since Ron Ron left. Skip has been able to balance solid point guard fundamentals and his unbelievable yo-yo handle, but what really sets him apart from the other hood legends who tried to make it in the leauge is his jump shot. People dont realize how serious your jump shot has to be to make it in the league as a Point. Point Guards that can't shoot are like a chick with no mouth inna dick sucking contest. Look at Mateen Cleeves, Kalid El-hamin, Jaque Vaughn, Erick Barkley, Kenny Saterfield. They all had talent, but also had no Jimmy. Somebody got into Skips ear last night and told him to play with that same playground, Rucker park, Skip to My Lou confidence. I still think Vangundy, who I do like as a coach, fucked up the team chemistry and Rafers Confidence by inserting Jameer for so many mins. To be honest I would have let Jameer play as well... just not that many mins. Also the Janitor gotta get some burn as well. I know we make fun of Mr. Anthony Johnson, but he doesn't fuck up to much and he is one of the only players on the team with finals experience. (Skip Rucker and And 1 Highlights comming soon)

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

The Big Show (Finals Preview)

Magic Preview

The Key to Orlando's Victory is simple. Feed The Beast. LA big men don't have the foot speed or the muscle to even put a dent in Dwight's armor. Bynum new name should be Puppy Chow, cus Dwight gonna eat that lil boy up. Kibbles and Bits. If he couldn't deal with Yao what you think gonna happen with the Dwightmare? C.Lee and Pietrus have there hands full with Kobe, but so does anybody who matches up with him. Also Skip gonna get busy on Old ass D.Fish. I hate D.fish by the way.

Kobe Show Preview

Kobe's gonna do his thing, Gasol is gonna do his thing (on the offensive side), and Lamar will also, hopefully, do his thing. I think the key to LA victory will be how the other collection of bums play. As much as I talk shit about Ariza, I think he will make the biggest difference in LA play last year vs this year. (Not Bum Ass Bynum) LA now has a role player that's a good perimeter defender, that can knock down the 3 (he's shooting near 50% from behind the arc) and dunk on people. Only problem is that the magic have that same type of player in C.Lee and Pietrus. A ni$$a name Sasha gonna have to be on his scrappy shit and beat them in being a irritating asshole, cus he aint gonna beat Lee or Pietrus on talent. Plus The Janitor might come with the Ong Bok elbows and Lay his ass out like he did Mo Will.