Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Young Skippa!

Skip is by far the best street ball player to ever grace this earth. Not because he has more tricks than David Blain, but solely because he has been the most successful player to make the transition from The Streets to the Hardwood. How many players should have made it... but never did. Pee Wee Kirkland, Alimoe, Shamgodwells, Burger, Richie Parker, Charles Jones just to name a few. The list goes on and on for players that had all the talent to make it, but didnt not have the drive or the mental capacity to pull that shit off. Some players cant leave the street life alone. But I dont think it just about the streets. Ron Artest is one of the most hood players in the league, born and raised in Queens Bridge Projects, and he still has had a outstanding career in Basket Ball. St Johns aint been the same since Ron Ron left. Skip has been able to balance solid point guard fundamentals and his unbelievable yo-yo handle, but what really sets him apart from the other hood legends who tried to make it in the leauge is his jump shot. People dont realize how serious your jump shot has to be to make it in the league as a Point. Point Guards that can't shoot are like a chick with no mouth inna dick sucking contest. Look at Mateen Cleeves, Kalid El-hamin, Jaque Vaughn, Erick Barkley, Kenny Saterfield. They all had talent, but also had no Jimmy. Somebody got into Skips ear last night and told him to play with that same playground, Rucker park, Skip to My Lou confidence. I still think Vangundy, who I do like as a coach, fucked up the team chemistry and Rafers Confidence by inserting Jameer for so many mins. To be honest I would have let Jameer play as well... just not that many mins. Also the Janitor gotta get some burn as well. I know we make fun of Mr. Anthony Johnson, but he doesn't fuck up to much and he is one of the only players on the team with finals experience. (Skip Rucker and And 1 Highlights comming soon)

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