Wednesday, June 3, 2009

The Big Show (Finals Preview)

Magic Preview

The Key to Orlando's Victory is simple. Feed The Beast. LA big men don't have the foot speed or the muscle to even put a dent in Dwight's armor. Bynum new name should be Puppy Chow, cus Dwight gonna eat that lil boy up. Kibbles and Bits. If he couldn't deal with Yao what you think gonna happen with the Dwightmare? C.Lee and Pietrus have there hands full with Kobe, but so does anybody who matches up with him. Also Skip gonna get busy on Old ass D.Fish. I hate by the way.

Kobe Show Preview

Kobe's gonna do his thing, Gasol is gonna do his thing (on the offensive side), and Lamar will also, hopefully, do his thing. I think the key to LA victory will be how the other collection of bums play. As much as I talk shit about Ariza, I think he will make the biggest difference in LA play last year vs this year. (Not Bum Ass Bynum) LA now has a role player that's a good perimeter defender, that can knock down the 3 (he's shooting near 50% from behind the arc) and dunk on people. Only problem is that the magic have that same type of player in C.Lee and Pietrus. A ni$$a name Sasha gonna have to be on his scrappy shit and beat them in being a irritating asshole, cus he aint gonna beat Lee or Pietrus on talent. Plus The Janitor might come with the Ong Bok elbows and Lay his ass out like he did Mo Will.

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