Friday, June 19, 2009

Obama vs. LeBron??

It was announced in the news today that President Obama wants LeBron to inaugurate the the White House Court.

June 19 (Bloomberg) -- On paper, it doesn’t look like much of a match-up. A 6-foot, 2-inch, 180-pound, 47-year-old amateur against a 6-foot, 8-inch, 250-pound, 24-year-old pro who won the National Basketball Association’s Most-Valuable Player award this year. Except the amateur will have home-court advantage: the South Lawn of the White House.
In an interview with Bloomberg News this week, President Barack Obama said he would soon invoke executive privilege to summon the Cleveland Cavaliers’ LeBron James and possibly other NBA stars to the White House to shoot some hoops. “As soon as we get the basketball nets up we’re going to have some of these guys over for a game,” Obama said. Asked if he’d be playing, Obama bristled: “Of course. It’s my court.” (source: Bloomberg LP)

To his credit President Obama is also calling on NBA stars as well as other celebrities to bring national attention to fatherhood and to open the door to discussing the state of the country and certain segments of the population with respect to fatherless children in the US.

Are you really hating on this mannn????!?! Can you imagine Dubya postin someone up? Reagan? hellll no ... I just hope the right wing media doesn't ride him for talking sports while the world implodes.

Sidenote: Anybody catch the hand speed when Obama caught the fly during the interview the other night on some Mr. Miyagi sht? Obama San ..Skills. -Sox

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