Sunday, May 31, 2009


Lebron really showed a lack of character last night walking off the court like a lil bitch without congratulating his fellow Olympian Dwight Howard for a honest ass kicking to send the Cav's home in 6. I understand not wanting to talk to the press but to not even have the decency to shake your opponents hand is just foul. But I guess you can expect that from dudes who like to show off their nipples and shit. 

He'll have to face the press at some point before the summer is over. And as good as he is, if the Cav's don't get some real support in the off season we can expect the same result from these guys in the 2010 season. 

Stay tuned NYC...


Friday, May 29, 2009

I Dont Know What Chu Heard About Me

Former NFL star Deion Sanders coined the phrase: "If you look good, you feel good. If you feel good, you play good. And if you play good, they pay good!" and if the pay good then the pussy good!

You know Magic was getting Bear Gash (a large amount of vagina) back in the day. So he had to dress accordingly. He wasn't only going for the assist record, he was also going for Wilt's Puntang record as well. GumSoul NY wants to take some time out to highlight some of the most freshest, pimped out ballers off the court.

Dipped out, chilling in front of a Rolls Royce with the World Trade Center in the back ground. Classic Ny Shit right there! Ya'll all know Walt use to get it back in the days on and off the court. Plus he already talks like a pimp. I know Walt probably use to show up to Studio 54 or The Roxy in his Pimp Shit with a Bunch-A-Bitches. Walt probably got a pocket of Viagra right now.

If there was a trophy for getting bitches it would have to be called "The Big Dipper" or the "Wilt Chamberlain Lifetime Pussy Achievement Award"As my homie Rah Kelly would say "Look at them Numbers!" Wilt would go score 50 point, grab 30 boards, get about 10 assists, and then later that night bust down 6 to 7 broads. and that was on a nightly basis. That means that if one night he only fucked one chick, he would have to fuck about 15 the next night just to keep his average right.
"I'd see that dude plow three or four ladies a night easy. I remember the night he scored 100 points. He actually scored 125, if you catch my drift." Former teammate and Hall of Fame player Hal Grier.


Yall remember the boy fats Khalid El Amin. For some reason I was wondering whatever happened to him and it turns out he plays for Azovmash Mariupol (WTF?) of the Ukrainian basketball league. Peep the bio below.

After leading Minneapolis North HS to three straight state titles and being named a McDonald's All-American, the three-time Minnesota State Player of the Year was named Big East Conference Rookie of the Year while being second in the team in scoring (16.0) and setting the UConn single-season scoring record for a freshman. He is widely considered to be the most influential piece in their late 90's college basketball dominance. Head Coach Jim Calhoun frequently referred to him as a "more talented Richard Hamilton".
El-Amin, with his sawed-off, chunky frame, would later earn a reputation as a winner at UConn. As a sophomore, El-Amin will forever be remembered by University of Connecticut fans for being the starting point guard on their team that won the 1999 NCAA Championship game thriller over Duke. In the final game he scored the Huskies' final 4 points in their riveting 77-74 victory.
In 2000, playing on a team not quite as good as the previous year, El-Amin led the Huskies in scoring (16.0), assists (4.4) and steals (1.7) and was named to the All-Big East first team. He was also one of 15 finalists for the Naismith Award and set a Big East record by making 93.4 percent of his FTs in league games. He took the Huskies as far as he could before a severe ankle sprain left him at less than half speed in a season-ending NCAA tournament loss to Tennessee.
He left UConn as fourth all-time at the school in FT percentage at 82.2, sixth all-time at in assists and fifth in steals. His averages per game in his final season are 31.9 minutes, 16.0 points, 3.1 rebounds, 5.2 assists, 2.7 turnovers, 1.7 steals, makes 2.9 of 5.5 field goals (41.1%) and 4.1 of 4.6 free throws (89.2%). He finished his college career with averages of 30.1 minutes, 15.3 points on 41.6% shooting and 82.2% free throws, 3.0 rebounds, 4.4 assists, 2.7 turnovers and 1.7 steals.
El-Amin also helped the U.S. to a gold medal performance in the '98 Goodwill Games in New York City.

[edit] NBA career
El-Amin earned a second round 34th overall selection by the Chicago Bulls in the 2000 NBA Draft. That year, he played in the Schick Rookie Challenge at All-Star weekend in Washington, DC and scored 18 points. He also played in the NBA briefly with the Miami Heat in 2002.
In 50 games in the NBA, El-Amin averaged 6.3 points with 2.9 assists, 1.6 rebounds, 1.0 steals, 1.1 turnovers and 2.0 fouls in 18.6 minutes.

[edit] European career
El-Amin signed with Strasbourg (France) in January 2002. He then joined Maccabi Ironi Ramat Gan (Israel) in November 2002.
He joined Besiktas Istanbul of the Turkish league in August 2003. Dominating the league for two seasons, El-Amin was second in scoring (20.9) and third in assists (5.2) in his first season. In 2005, he led the league in assists and averaged 20.4 points a game. He was named MVP of the Turkish League All-Star Game in 2005 and was a member of the World Team at the 2005 FIBA Europe All-Star Game.
In June 2005, he started his first season with Azovmash Mariupol of the Ukraine Superleague. Azovmash won the 2006 Ukrainian Championship, and El-Amin was named the MVP of both the regular season and playoffs.[1]
In August 2007, he started his first season with Türk Telekom B.K. of the Turkish basketball league.

[edit] Player profile
El-Amin is described as a flashy point guard but not a physically gifted one. According to scouting reports, he is an exceptional ballhandler but is a big defensive liability. A lack of height hurts his game on top of a lack of a consistent jumpshot.



Congrats to Lebron James for saving the Cav's ass last night but I think it's safe to say the "Lebron Save Us" game plan will not get the Cavs to the finals. As great as Lebron is he cannot sustain that kind of play for two more games. 37pts 14reb 12 ast, damn. There was another guy with a far more inferior supporting cast who used to put up numbers like these and it didn't get him anywhere until he was traded to a team with all-stars and earned that ring. Mo Williams stepped it up last night too, but that air gets tight when you're on the road facing elimination and I trust Lebron's background dancers as much as I trust an industry bitch with a business card.

Look at Wally on his En Vogue shit holdin on to Lebron like that. Don't hold on too tight wally because if yall n***as lose, LB will be gettin money with the Knicks!

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

NBA Refs Fucking Suck!

Who here is stupid enuff to honestly believe that Tim Donaghy was the only NBA ref that was gambling and shaving points? I don't want to start any controversy, but I feel like Mr. David Stern sent out the early memo to all the referees saying that any 50/50 calls should go to Kobe and Lebron.

I want to see the Kobe verse Lebron match up in the Finals just as much as the Nike and Vitamin Water Execs do, but I want to see them earn there way to the finals. Not get there based on some bullshit calls. This years Refs have been the most inconsistent group ever. Them motherfuckers is getting Technical foul happy, which in turn is taking the emotion out of the game. When you Dunk on somebody you are suppossed to be able to look them dead in their face and scream out "In Your Face!"

But back to the Conspiracy Theory. Think about how much money wont be made if the Lakers and Cavs dont meet up in the Finals. Think about how much money Nike will lose when they cant debut there new Corney Ass Kobe and Lebron Puppet Commercials in the Finals. Who in the hell wants to wait in line for 2 weeks outside House of Hoops just to get a pair of the new Leborn Sneaker, Finals edition, if his ass aint in the Finals?

If I was Melo or Dwight I would get extra pissed ever time I saw them bullshit Nike Crank Yanker puppets commercials. And if Melo does take the Nuggest to the finals, he better get his own fucking Nike Puppet.

Friday, May 22, 2009

April Showers Bring Money May Flowers

Only cause Big Homey was in the office yesterday...


Bad Karma When You Snub Obama

So this is my inaugural post to the site, and I use the word inaugural on purpose here because James Harrison of the Pittsburgh Steelers recently made headlines for being the only (dickhead?) not to go to the WhiteHouse to meet with Pres. Obama (at Obama's request). Now ok fine... meeting the Pres might not be the biggest deal to you.. hell he could have even voted for McLame but the reason he gave was extra wack:

" Harrison doesn't believe the invitation is all that special, saying if the Steelers hadn't beaten the Cardinals27-23 with a last-minute rally, "He (Obama) would have invited Arizona."

Uhh yea.. the Pres fux's with Superbowl Champs....

And now on the day after he should have brought his backup @ss to the white house to meet the President, one of his 3 pit bulls has attacked 2 people including an adult and another player's young son and he may face charges
(source: Bloomberg News)

Next time get a leash and get your black @ss on the plane to meet the President. Now to be fair he skipped on Bush also ... but he doesn't get the Obama pass from me.

" The newspaper and WTAE-TV say the boy was taken to UPMCChildren's Hospital of Pittsburgh. The hospital declined comment. The newspaper says a second person was hurt."


Thursday, May 21, 2009

They Were All Witnesses - Rashard Lewis

I don't wanna hear shit about Orlando stealing last nights game from the Cleveland Caveliers. While the Cavs supporting cast was watching the Lebron James show, Rashard Lewis was puttin them to sleep on the low, in my opinion FINALLY earning that 9 figure contract Orlando blessed him with. Those who know me know I don't give RL a inch but if he plays the way he did last night, Cleveland is a wrap. I don't think that Ni**a missed one shot in the 4th quarter. Put it like this, if they hold Lebron to just 40 of the 49 points they would have won decisively.

Cleveland needed the gut check but I have no clue why everyone is predicting a blow out in the next game. Orlando aint Atlanta and they definitely aint the Detroit Pistons.

Cleveland has been playing great team ball but sometimes the playoffs come down to indviduals and I'm not sure if Cleveland has those dudes (varjao, zerbiak, joe smith and some other bums) to take them there when goin get's tough.

Don't let Orlando "steal" game two.



Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Can You... Feel Ah... Brand New Day!

Vick Is Finally Free! And I don't wanna here no more bullshit about people questioning if he can still play Quarterback at twenty something years old. Meanwhile Breat Favre is Fifty something, with a full head of grey hair, a broke ass throwing arm, and a weak bladder, wearing Wrangler jeans. And Motherfuckers still talking bout his old ass still playing.

The Baddest Bitch

Did anybody see Kenyon's new boo boo Trina sitting behind the Nuggets Bench. I personally believe that jumpoffs should not be entitled to getting good seats like that. Put that bitch up in the nose bleeds. Then maybe you wont be distracted and make dumb ass fouls in crunch time.

Shout-outs to the boy Melo who was extra determined to put his name in as one of the best players in the Leauge. Melo has completely turned around his game since the summer and was playing like he had something to prove last night. Kobe Bryant, (and Coach K) are the main reason why Wade, Melo and Lebron played at different levels this NBA season. Would Lebron have even gotten this years MVP if he didnt get the chance to see Kobe's daily preparation and defensive intensity up close?

On a side note did anybody besides me get to see how Kobe tapped his wife's bad ass, big breasted, Thoroughbred legged, light skin friend on the ass when he was running to the locker room be4 half time? That bitch was extra bad.


YOOOOOO! I've never seen KG's wifey before but shorty is bad! That ni**a KG look's mad happy.



Vanessa Bryant is iight but I could throw a handfull of quaters in the air up in Washington Heights that will fall on the ass of 10 badder domicans, mexicans or whatever the hell Vanessa B is. She held Kobe down though when he was pollyin Colorado back shots.


Nuff Respect - Carmelo Anthony

We normally don't talk about the shit all the sports radio and talk shows talk about but I'ma jump on the band wagon this one time 'cause Melo been on his grizzy in the playoffs this year. I don't know what his averages are and I'm too lazy to put yall on right now but I thought he was gonna choke up last night in game 1 of the WC finals and homie was going toe to toe with Kobe. I also fuck with him because he's always smilin and shit on the court (pause) like he's having the best time of his life. Jordan needs to let me take a crack at the campaign for his next shoe, I got joints!

Anyway, the Lakers snuck outta that one for sure but that's the edge of experience that could ultimately lead to Denver's downfall. That and Kenyon Martin trying to put the ball on the floor and shoot that line drive jimmy.


Thursday, May 14, 2009




I know this post is long overdue but gumsoul gotta say something about the bullshit goin on with the refs in this years playoffs. Though over the last few games it seems the refs have checked the whistle a lil bit but never in my life have I seen so many reviews, so many missed calls, or so many "my bad i fucked up on that last call ima call some bull shit this time to make up for it" calls. Dick Bavetta, Bob Delaney and especially the OG Joey Crawford got "n***as scared to speak speak cuz they scared."

Yo and when the refs are wrong they never apologize like anyone else. No public press conference or nothing like that. Shit be like some twitter announcement on the bottom ticker during Sportscenter or some shit.

Not for nothing Denver would have buss the Mavs ass anyway but you gotta wonder what could have been in the ref blew the whistle (for the 62nd time) on Antoine Wright when Melo went up for the game winning 3pt.

Kicks & Giggles Here


Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Corie Smoke Blunts (29 pounnds for personal use)

Why didnt he just start a clothing line like Lamar Odom?

Former NBA player Corie Blount was arrested for felony drug possession. The former Chicago Bull was taken into custody after authorities saw him receive a package that contained marijuana. A subsequent search at his home found that Blount had 29 pounds worth of blunts.

According to Butler County officials, police saw Blount pick up a package from the US Postal Service that contained 11 pounds of marijuana. Law officials then followed him to his home where they served him with a search warrant.

At Blount's home, officers found two more large packages of marijuana. All told, Blount was in possession of 29 pounds of weed.

In addition to confiscating the marijuana, police also took away three guns, nearly $30,000 in cash, and three cars including a Mercedes Benz and a Cadillac Escalade. (

Dwight (ooh baby I like it raw) Howard

Maybe Dwight should impersonate a dominate player in the NBA and demand the fucking basket ball from his teammates. Or he could impersonate a ni$$a with right good sense, and not run up in cheerleaders with no bag on. The Boston Celtics are missing there best front court players, and Dwight only has 3 touches in the forth quarter. Not 3 shots, but three touches. Dwight needs to realize that all that joking around and dancing around and letting lil ni$$as jump over you does not contribute to you being a dominate player in the leauge. It makes you look like a big ass clown thats afraid to be the leader of your team. By the way, Stan Van Gundy gonna be on the unemployment line next year.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Scared to Death and Scared to Look They Shook!

Note to all rich white people.... you can not disrespect, point violently at, and then curse at a black mans mother on national television. I dont care how rich and powerful you think you are, or how many dairy queens you own. Mark Cuban is lucky Kenyon didn't go PJ Carlesimo on his ass. Look how shook Mark looks while hes high 5ing white people in the crowd. How you in The Arena that you own, and you scared to walk off your court? I'll tell you how. Curse out at a black mans mother on national television.

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Team Rankings (Sorry L.A. Fans!)

1. CAVS (7-0): Lebron and them busting ass by a margin of 17 points a game. And I don't wanna hear no shit about how Lebron aint playing good teams either. He's just making teams look like they aint shit, cus his team is playing that good. Varejao aka Side Show Bob is doing all the little things and deserves all the money he was asking for. Mo Williams is still playing like he feels nobody can't guard him. Even Wally, who has the hops of a elderly man, was getting dunk highlights. Lebron got them boys focused and ready to play.

2. NUGGETS (7-1): Billups got these boys playing on a whole other level from last year. I dont think I have ever seen Carmelo focus this hard on the defensive end. Plus the one game they lost was by one point and one missed shot by Melo. They were that close to being undefeated, unlike L.A. who already got 3 loses as well as a ass-busington in there last game. Even J.R. Smith is playing defense.

3. CELTICS (6-5 ): The Celtics, who already had a weak bench to Begin with, are missing Kevin Garnett, and Leon Powe and have still not missed a beat. How many teams could lose there best front court players and still advance in the playoffs? Better yet how many teams with the human infection Stephon have ever advanced passed the first round in the playoffs? Big Baby is playing his ass off and is my choice for the most improved player of the year. Even Bum ass Scalabrine is stepping up. Doc Rivers is getting the very best out of his team from the stars to the bums.

5.) MAGIC (6-4): If the Magic would get there act together and get the damn ball to Dwight more they would probably be further up on the list. How does a MVP candidate play a whole game and get 12 shot attempts? Fucking Turkoglu shooting crazy threes at the end of the game wilding out. Skip to My Lou slapping people in the back of the head. And how is the Janitor Anthony Johnson playing better than half the team?

5.) Rockets (6-4): Even though the Rockets were able to rally thanks to Arron Brooks booging on, and to Shane's passionate speech before game 4, there fate is sealed. Ron Artest is there only low post threat, and all he wants to do is shoot threes all day. Even thought the Rockets are use to playing with injuries they always had one of there big two, Mcgrady or Yao. This team is very scrappy, and they play tuff, but if they meet up with the Nuggets Chauncy and them busting that ass.

Friday, May 8, 2009

Wright's Bad Ass White Girl

Let me find out David Wright is trying to take Jeters spot as the NYC Baseball Player fucking the baddest bitches. Wright got a ways to go before he is putting up Jeter numbers. Derick Jeter had the four baddest white girls I ever seen in my life.

Sasha's Secret

Effeminate NBA substitute two guard Sasha Vujacic unveiled a line of feminine hygiene products for the extra sensitive woman at a press conference today. “Sasha’s Secret” will feature a full array of hygiene and beauty products for extra sensitive women. (

(Scola was about to slap the shit outta Sasha in game 2)

German Jungle Fever

(I hope the pussy was good. Reports say that Dirk ran up in this bitch Kojack. I wonder if she be bullying Dirk around like the Nuggets front court.)

Multiple Dallas Mavericks sources said Thursday that people within the organization cautioned Dirk Nowitzki about his relationship with a woman who was arrested at the star forward's home Wednesday morning.

Two local TV stations, KTVT (Channel 11) and WFAA (Channel 8), cited unidentified sources in reporting Thursday that Taylor had been engaged to Nowitzki and is pregnant with his child. Sources who spoke to The News did not, or could not, confirm her pregnancy.
"I'm not commenting on that," Nowitzki said, when asked about the reports.
Shirley Taylor said she was aware of neither an engagement nor a pregnancy. She said she speaks with her daughter frequently, and has done so several times since the arrest.
"I don't know what to think," the mother said, adding that she does not believe her daughter has had contact with the team or Nowitzki since the arrest. "It's like a nightmare to me."
WFAA obtained a Facebook page video that shows Nowitzki and Taylor hugging in a kitchen, purportedly in his Preston Hollow home, valued at $6 million. When the Mavericks hosted Phoenix in an April 5 regular-season game, Taylor sat next to Nowitzki's father, Jörg, who was visiting from Germany.
Nowitzki, with dark bags under his eyes, said Thursday that he is "trying to focus on basketball as much as I can," emphasizing that he is looking forward to Saturday's Game 3 at American Airlines Center. "I'm a warrior. I'll be ready to play."
After making a brief opening statement, Nowitzki said he would take only basketball-related questions. After seven minutes of talking about the Denver series, Nowitzki abruptly ended the interview session when a WFAA reporter asked why he had not bailed Taylor out of Dallas County jail. (dallas news)

Thursday, May 7, 2009


I know it's the NBA playoffs and all but I had to go deep right quick to remind yall about one of the first basketball titles that had you staying up until Saturday morning cartoons came on. This was the first game and actually the last game you could break backboards in unless you count non - simulation titles like NBA JAMS and now NBA STREET which I really don't fux with anyway. This is definitely the last time Joe Smith was your go to man in a game, and everybody was trying to cheese with Tyus Edney and em' out of UCLA.

EA need to get on that NIKE shit and start retro'n games. Could you imagine this or even Lakers Vs. Celtics on 360 or PS3, that shit would move units.


Copp Heavy -"How you want it, My shades is Six-hundred!"

I hope that when I'm 76 years old I can still be as fresh to death as "Pretty Lou Adler" aka "Louie Cardigan", aka "Front Row at the Kobe Show wit My Hot Shit On". In a recent interview Lou mentioned that he was contacted to be the main dude in the Dos Eqis commercials, but he turned it down cus he was too cool for that shit. You might catch Lou at the next LA home game with his White Aviator Frames, matching French Beret, Custom Linen or Tweed Britches (when you fly like that you gotta call your pants britches) and a Cashmere Cardigan. Oh yeah, and the slippers is clean. Stay Fresh My Friends... Pretty Lou Adler Said so!

"Lou Adler is best friends with actor Jack Nicholson and can often be found at his side at L.A. Lakers Basketball games. Adler is usually dressed in an elaborate fashion beside Nicholson causing interest as to who the man is."

TOUGH GUYS - Alston, Scola, Artest, Fisher

Lot's of toughery going on last night. It's always funny to see NBA players get into scraps. Artest finally had the moment everyone was waiting for which was kinda unfortunate because it seemed like he was turning the corner. Oh well, we all know hes crazy and honestly the NBA is better because of it. Scola got his, but did you see when he was about to slap the shit out of punk ass Luke Walton? Mad funny. D Fish got em' though and earned some much needed "good shit" points because his game lately has been so dissapointing. Another good thing about it is Fish probably wont play in game 3 and I personally think that's a good look for the Lakers. Let's go Shannon! And what the hell is wrong with Rafer Alston? This aint the polo Grounds Raf, this aint the Polo Grounds...


Bush Leauge Tactics

We had a previous post saying that we should dead the word "nigga". But you can always count on Rafer to keep the word alive and well. I knew he was gonna do some nigga bullshit at some point during this series. I've been to two street ball games to see Skip, and at both games he got kicked out for fighting. During one of the games he attempted to snuff the referee. Who in the hell starts a fight with a ref???

Ladies and Gentlemen Mr. Derick Fisher

"Nigga looking like Larry Holmes Flabby and Sick"


Shane, after last night you really set yourself up for this post. Especially after they put your little "how to defend kobe" playbook on blast. Let me find out you've been studying a book on how to defend Kobe and he still got off in your ass for 40 and to make it worse you let him get away with doing some silly off the backboard February move at the end of the game. I dont think you know much about February anyway but that's when the All-Stars play. I can't even say you were playing bad defense, you were just playing good defense against one of the greatest players to ever touch a basketball. So it really wasn't all your fault. Even still you sure looked like the herb I see in this picture last night. You the only Bitch Ass that would have some Facebook picture like this floatin around on the web. And if it wasn't obvious all this season and even last season the hand in the face thing you keep trying to pull off DOESN'T WORK! I'm starting to think you're doing it just so it looks like you're trying but it actually makes you look worse because everything is going in.

No need to watch the tape on this one, I'm sure it will live in your dreams for the rest of the summer.

If you didn't get a chance to catch the game last night, Kicks & Giggles here.


Wednesday, May 6, 2009


Any body seen Miner lately? Had a spark when he started and everyone of you had that Jordan convo at least once when he was hot. Stressful Bio below. 

A native of Inglewood, California, Miner first came to prominence as a high school player. A stand-out on his team at Inglewood High School, Miner's spectacular dunking ability resulted in his being given the nickname "Baby Jordan", in reference to fellow NBA high flyer Michael Jordan.

Miner attended USC from 1989 until 1992. As a junior in what would be his final season with the team, Miner's play earned him Sports Illustrated magazine's selection as the college basketball player of the year over such notable candidates as Shaquille O'Neal and Alonzo Mourning. Miner led the USC Trojans men's basketball team to a #2 seeding in the 1992 NCAA Men's Division I Basketball Tournament. The Trojans were upset in the second round, however, falling on one of the most famous baskets in the tournament's history — a three-pointer at the buzzer by James Forrest of Georgia Tech.

Miner left college after the 1992 season and declared himself eligible for the 1992 NBA Draft. He was selected by the Miami Heat with the draft's 12th overall pick.

Miner won the NBA Slam Dunk Contest twice, in 1993 and 1995. In the 1995 contest, Miner defeated Isaiah Rider, who had won the previous year, solidifying Miner as one of the game's best dunkers. However, his playing career proved unremarkable and failed to live up to the high expectations with which it began. Despite his dunking prowess, Miner did not get much playing time from Heat coaches, Kevin Loughery and Alvin Gentry.

I always felt the worst thing to happen to Harold was the "Baby Jordan" tag.

George Raveling, Miner's head coach at USC


After the 1995 season, Miner was traded to the Cleveland Cavaliers. He averaged only 3.2 points and 7.2 minutes per game for the Cavaliers. On October 18, 1995 he was traded to the Toronto Raptors for Victor Alexander, but that trade was rescinded 4 days later when Alexander failed his physical. Miner played five scoreless minutes in his last NBA game, a 26-point loss to the Chicago Bulls on February 20, 1996. Cleveland waived Miner, having played him in only 19 games that season. He tried out for the Toronto Raptors the following year but was cut during the preseason. Rather than continue to pursue a career in professional basketball, either in the NBA or overseas, Miner retired from the sport.

As of early 2007, Miner had settled near Las Vegas, Nevada and was reportedly an active real estate investor. He was married and had one daughter. Since his retirement from basketball, he had been disinclined to give interviews or make public appearances, instead remaining private and largely inaccessible.



So the founder of this site recently asked me to cut down (basically stop) using the word "NIGGA" in my posts. My first thought was "Fuck that NIGGA" but out of respect I have decided to bury the word from now on so he can one day fulfill his corporate fantasies. 

So in honor of my beloved NIGGA who better than my man Chris Rock to perform the eulogy. Peep



Never mind how you may feel about Craig Sager's choice of dress he is with out a doubt a fashion icon in the world of sports. Matter fact he's a fashion icon in the world of fashion! Yeah I said it!. Tell me you wouldn't copp the "Sager Style" coffee table book. You cant tell CS his shit aint hot, and you know it's all custom made. And if you DON'T know he will remind you. The other night against the Lakers while interviewing Phil Jackson in between quarters, Jackson tried to clown the color of his suit. Craig had to let em know like "no Phil, this suit is Butter Finger!" You know he was in the mirror for mad long coming up with a name for that color and I gotta respect a guy for putting work into his wardrobe. 



As we head into the second round, I just wanted to take some time to shout out my man from the brilliant Dos Equis spots being pumped out from the good folks at Euro RSCG World Wide. I've heard of Dos Equis but because of this dude I actually asked for it at the Deli across the street the other day..They didn't have it though.

To all the remaining teams "Stay thirsty my friends"



If you took the jerseys off these ni**as most of yall wouldn't know who the hell they are. They could easily be a janitor in your building. I almost titled this post "Janitor Ni**as" for two reasons. 1. They look like janitors and 2. They are doing all the dirty work to keep their teams alive as we head into the second round of the playoffs. These guys are a perfect example of what a Playoff Nigga should be: Score a couple a baskets, hustle and make that clutch shot that swings the momentum and makes the fans bug out because they dont expect your old ass to do shit anyway. It's a shame I can't put Derek Fisher's old ass in here.
Check out my man Anthony Johnson... Still Gettin It


Kobe Vs. Ron Ron

Both these albums probably sucked, but just cus Artest is from Queens Bridge I'm gonna give him the title of the better rapper. Also the fact that Kobe Fucked him self over by having on that Prince Akeem, Eddie Murphy Golden Child Kufi while rapping with Tyra Banks. (cation this video might cause you to bust out laughing at work, view at your own risk)

Trouble with the Law:
Now most may think that Ron Ron would win this section hands down, and I'm almost positive that Ron Ron has fracture a law or two or three in his life time. But has Ron Ron ever faced 25 years in prison? Let us not forget that Kobe (aka the Backdoor Bandit) almost went to prison for 25 years for chasing dirty, white, smut butt in Colorado, fresh off knee surgery. (Honestly how good of a sexual performance can you put up right after getting your knee scoped?). Ron Ron may be crazy, but he was never accused, or almost locked up, for rapping no mediocre frumpy white bitch with three semen samples in her panties.

Who the Hell is Mike Chapps?

Was Ron Ron purposely trying to stir up anger in Kobe by saying my boy B-Roy was the best 2 guard in the league? I don't know, but judging by game 1 Kobe gotta lot of work to put in.

If anyone can get us any info on the legendary Mike Chapp, who i'm assuming is from Queens Bridge Projects, please let me know. Every ghetto in America has more than a few Hoop Dreams that slipped threw the cracks. (Alimoe, Charles Jones, Pee Wee Kirkland just to name a few)