Friday, May 22, 2009

Bad Karma When You Snub Obama

So this is my inaugural post to the site, and I use the word inaugural on purpose here because James Harrison of the Pittsburgh Steelers recently made headlines for being the only (dickhead?) not to go to the WhiteHouse to meet with Pres. Obama (at Obama's request). Now ok fine... meeting the Pres might not be the biggest deal to you.. hell he could have even voted for McLame but the reason he gave was extra wack:

" Harrison doesn't believe the invitation is all that special, saying if the Steelers hadn't beaten the Cardinals27-23 with a last-minute rally, "He (Obama) would have invited Arizona."

Uhh yea.. the Pres fux's with Superbowl Champs....

And now on the day after he should have brought his backup @ss to the white house to meet the President, one of his 3 pit bulls has attacked 2 people including an adult and another player's young son and he may face charges
(source: Bloomberg News)

Next time get a leash and get your black @ss on the plane to meet the President. Now to be fair he skipped on Bush also ... but he doesn't get the Obama pass from me.

" The newspaper and WTAE-TV say the boy was taken to UPMCChildren's Hospital of Pittsburgh. The hospital declined comment. The newspaper says a second person was hurt."


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