Wednesday, May 6, 2009


Never mind how you may feel about Craig Sager's choice of dress he is with out a doubt a fashion icon in the world of sports. Matter fact he's a fashion icon in the world of fashion! Yeah I said it!. Tell me you wouldn't copp the "Sager Style" coffee table book. You cant tell CS his shit aint hot, and you know it's all custom made. And if you DON'T know he will remind you. The other night against the Lakers while interviewing Phil Jackson in between quarters, Jackson tried to clown the color of his suit. Craig had to let em know like "no Phil, this suit is Butter Finger!" You know he was in the mirror for mad long coming up with a name for that color and I gotta respect a guy for putting work into his wardrobe. 


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worndownboyboy said...

fuk him too.
get a female sideline reporter..and no, Cheryl Miller dont count fukka