Sunday, May 10, 2009

Team Rankings (Sorry L.A. Fans!)

1. CAVS (7-0): Lebron and them busting ass by a margin of 17 points a game. And I don't wanna hear no shit about how Lebron aint playing good teams either. He's just making teams look like they aint shit, cus his team is playing that good. Varejao aka Side Show Bob is doing all the little things and deserves all the money he was asking for. Mo Williams is still playing like he feels nobody can't guard him. Even Wally, who has the hops of a elderly man, was getting dunk highlights. Lebron got them boys focused and ready to play.

2. NUGGETS (7-1): Billups got these boys playing on a whole other level from last year. I dont think I have ever seen Carmelo focus this hard on the defensive end. Plus the one game they lost was by one point and one missed shot by Melo. They were that close to being undefeated, unlike L.A. who already got 3 loses as well as a ass-busington in there last game. Even J.R. Smith is playing defense.

3. CELTICS (6-5 ): The Celtics, who already had a weak bench to Begin with, are missing Kevin Garnett, and Leon Powe and have still not missed a beat. How many teams could lose there best front court players and still advance in the playoffs? Better yet how many teams with the human infection Stephon have ever advanced passed the first round in the playoffs? Big Baby is playing his ass off and is my choice for the most improved player of the year. Even Bum ass Scalabrine is stepping up. Doc Rivers is getting the very best out of his team from the stars to the bums.

5.) MAGIC (6-4): If the Magic would get there act together and get the damn ball to Dwight more they would probably be further up on the list. How does a MVP candidate play a whole game and get 12 shot attempts? Fucking Turkoglu shooting crazy threes at the end of the game wilding out. Skip to My Lou slapping people in the back of the head. And how is the Janitor Anthony Johnson playing better than half the team?

5.) Rockets (6-4): Even though the Rockets were able to rally thanks to Arron Brooks booging on, and to Shane's passionate speech before game 4, there fate is sealed. Ron Artest is there only low post threat, and all he wants to do is shoot threes all day. Even thought the Rockets are use to playing with injuries they always had one of there big two, Mcgrady or Yao. This team is very scrappy, and they play tuff, but if they meet up with the Nuggets Chauncy and them busting that ass.


worndownboyboy said...

I will never understand how teams cannot beat the Celtics. Currently, their low post game is nonexistent and they have 4 guys who can step out and make deep jumpers with consistency(PP, Ray, E House and Scalawags.) I recommend Play off everyone not named above.
At this point, I wanna see cavs nuggets. Lakers are too "soap operay" and Kobe's not satisfied speech after the 40 point blowout was mad poorly timed and he shoulda gav that speech a week ago when it woulda made sense..he is soo scripted. He needs an image consultant . BAD.

Anonymous said...

Mat, your buggin. How you gonna put Houston over the lakers and in the same sentence say they are about to get beat by the Lakers. Yo the Laker hate out there doesn't make any sense to me. People just love to hate the lakers. Kenny Smith said it the best. "Public Enemy # 1" Lakers cant do shit right for nobody. They had a bad game, 1 point 30 points it happens. You could easily be mad at the lakers for not going 82 and 0 in the regular season right? Shit happens.

mat fuego said...

at the time when i wrote it the rockets had just bust LA without Yao.