Friday, May 8, 2009

Sasha's Secret

Effeminate NBA substitute two guard Sasha Vujacic unveiled a line of feminine hygiene products for the extra sensitive woman at a press conference today. “Sasha’s Secret” will feature a full array of hygiene and beauty products for extra sensitive women. (

(Scola was about to slap the shit outta Sasha in game 2)


Anonymous said...

I hope yall all get off Sashas dick now.

worndownboyboy said...

First of all, he got a girl name.
Second of all he like to OD slap at dudes. The same way cats got at Arod for slapping at the pitcher(arroyo) covering first base, is the way cats need to get at sasha. He deserves all of the criticism he gets. He is no better than Chris Jent. He is no better than Coby Karl. He shoots a lot of open jumpers. He is what he is ...the 2nd guard off the bench when he is playing well.