Thursday, May 7, 2009


I know it's the NBA playoffs and all but I had to go deep right quick to remind yall about one of the first basketball titles that had you staying up until Saturday morning cartoons came on. This was the first game and actually the last game you could break backboards in unless you count non - simulation titles like NBA JAMS and now NBA STREET which I really don't fux with anyway. This is definitely the last time Joe Smith was your go to man in a game, and everybody was trying to cheese with Tyus Edney and em' out of UCLA.

EA need to get on that NIKE shit and start retro'n games. Could you imagine this or even Lakers Vs. Celtics on 360 or PS3, that shit would move units.


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mat fuego said...

This game would have been perfect if they included Gtown. I would have been going nut with the college Iverson.

was Felipe at st.johns around that time?