Thursday, May 7, 2009

Copp Heavy -"How you want it, My shades is Six-hundred!"

I hope that when I'm 76 years old I can still be as fresh to death as "Pretty Lou Adler" aka "Louie Cardigan", aka "Front Row at the Kobe Show wit My Hot Shit On". In a recent interview Lou mentioned that he was contacted to be the main dude in the Dos Eqis commercials, but he turned it down cus he was too cool for that shit. You might catch Lou at the next LA home game with his White Aviator Frames, matching French Beret, Custom Linen or Tweed Britches (when you fly like that you gotta call your pants britches) and a Cashmere Cardigan. Oh yeah, and the slippers is clean. Stay Fresh My Friends... Pretty Lou Adler Said so!

"Lou Adler is best friends with actor Jack Nicholson and can often be found at his side at L.A. Lakers Basketball games. Adler is usually dressed in an elaborate fashion beside Nicholson causing interest as to who the man is."


worndownboyboy said...

I always thought that guy was Donald Sutherland

mat fuego said...

nah thats Lou... father of Cisco adler