Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Corie Smoke Blunts (29 pounnds for personal use)

Why didnt he just start a clothing line like Lamar Odom?

Former NBA player Corie Blount was arrested for felony drug possession. The former Chicago Bull was taken into custody after authorities saw him receive a package that contained marijuana. A subsequent search at his home found that Blount had 29 pounds worth of blunts.

According to Butler County officials, police saw Blount pick up a package from the US Postal Service that contained 11 pounds of marijuana. Law officials then followed him to his home where they served him with a search warrant.

At Blount's home, officers found two more large packages of marijuana. All told, Blount was in possession of 29 pounds of weed.

In addition to confiscating the marijuana, police also took away three guns, nearly $30,000 in cash, and three cars including a Mercedes Benz and a Cadillac Escalade. (

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worndownboyboy said...

this is precisely why the NBA needs the option of having non guaranteeed contracts . how he afford all that?