Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Nuff Respect - Carmelo Anthony

We normally don't talk about the shit all the sports radio and talk shows talk about but I'ma jump on the band wagon this one time 'cause Melo been on his grizzy in the playoffs this year. I don't know what his averages are and I'm too lazy to put yall on right now but I thought he was gonna choke up last night in game 1 of the WC finals and homie was going toe to toe with Kobe. I also fuck with him because he's always smilin and shit on the court (pause) like he's having the best time of his life. Jordan needs to let me take a crack at the campaign for his next shoe, I got joints!

Anyway, the Lakers snuck outta that one for sure but that's the edge of experience that could ultimately lead to Denver's downfall. That and Kenyon Martin trying to put the ball on the floor and shoot that line drive jimmy.


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worndownboyboy said...

he got focused. i bet someone on them smack DVDs got in his ears like yo ' u know ya wife seeing u put up 40 but u doin the allan houston and giving up 40?"