Wednesday, May 20, 2009

The Baddest Bitch

Did anybody see Kenyon's new boo boo Trina sitting behind the Nuggets Bench. I personally believe that jumpoffs should not be entitled to getting good seats like that. Put that bitch up in the nose bleeds. Then maybe you wont be distracted and make dumb ass fouls in crunch time.

Shout-outs to the boy Melo who was extra determined to put his name in as one of the best players in the Leauge. Melo has completely turned around his game since the summer and was playing like he had something to prove last night. Kobe Bryant, (and Coach K) are the main reason why Wade, Melo and Lebron played at different levels this NBA season. Would Lebron have even gotten this years MVP if he didnt get the chance to see Kobe's daily preparation and defensive intensity up close?

On a side note did anybody besides me get to see how Kobe tapped his wife's bad ass, big breasted, Thoroughbred legged, light skin friend on the ass when he was running to the locker room be4 half time? That bitch was extra bad.

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