Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Kobe Vs. Ron Ron

Both these albums probably sucked, but just cus Artest is from Queens Bridge I'm gonna give him the title of the better rapper. Also the fact that Kobe Fucked him self over by having on that Prince Akeem, Eddie Murphy Golden Child Kufi while rapping with Tyra Banks. (cation this video might cause you to bust out laughing at work, view at your own risk)

Trouble with the Law:
Now most may think that Ron Ron would win this section hands down, and I'm almost positive that Ron Ron has fracture a law or two or three in his life time. But has Ron Ron ever faced 25 years in prison? Let us not forget that Kobe (aka the Backdoor Bandit) almost went to prison for 25 years for chasing dirty, white, smut butt in Colorado, fresh off knee surgery. (Honestly how good of a sexual performance can you put up right after getting your knee scoped?). Ron Ron may be crazy, but he was never accused, or almost locked up, for rapping no mediocre frumpy white bitch with three semen samples in her panties.


worndownboyboy said...

After Game one, Advantage ARTEST.
SUM it up.

mat fuego said...

kobe throwing dirty bows and shit. I told ya'll kobe vs ron ron was gonna be better than manny pac vs hatton. True warrior vs the backdoor bandit.