Friday, May 29, 2009

I Dont Know What Chu Heard About Me

Former NFL star Deion Sanders coined the phrase: "If you look good, you feel good. If you feel good, you play good. And if you play good, they pay good!" and if the pay good then the pussy good!

You know Magic was getting Bear Gash (a large amount of vagina) back in the day. So he had to dress accordingly. He wasn't only going for the assist record, he was also going for Wilt's Puntang record as well. GumSoul NY wants to take some time out to highlight some of the most freshest, pimped out ballers off the court.

Dipped out, chilling in front of a Rolls Royce with the World Trade Center in the back ground. Classic Ny Shit right there! Ya'll all know Walt use to get it back in the days on and off the court. Plus he already talks like a pimp. I know Walt probably use to show up to Studio 54 or The Roxy in his Pimp Shit with a Bunch-A-Bitches. Walt probably got a pocket of Viagra right now.

If there was a trophy for getting bitches it would have to be called "The Big Dipper" or the "Wilt Chamberlain Lifetime Pussy Achievement Award"As my homie Rah Kelly would say "Look at them Numbers!" Wilt would go score 50 point, grab 30 boards, get about 10 assists, and then later that night bust down 6 to 7 broads. and that was on a nightly basis. That means that if one night he only fucked one chick, he would have to fuck about 15 the next night just to keep his average right.
"I'd see that dude plow three or four ladies a night easy. I remember the night he scored 100 points. He actually scored 125, if you catch my drift." Former teammate and Hall of Fame player Hal Grier.


Zoobalie Zoo said...

wilt fucked 20000 broads. thats a lot of bunz!

worndownboyboy said...

U cannot tell me Isiah and Magic kissing before the games aint the gayest shit u ever heard of
That didnot include man juice being spilt

mat fuego said...

yeah that was kinda gay