Thursday, May 14, 2009


I know this post is long overdue but gumsoul gotta say something about the bullshit goin on with the refs in this years playoffs. Though over the last few games it seems the refs have checked the whistle a lil bit but never in my life have I seen so many reviews, so many missed calls, or so many "my bad i fucked up on that last call ima call some bull shit this time to make up for it" calls. Dick Bavetta, Bob Delaney and especially the OG Joey Crawford got "n***as scared to speak speak cuz they scared."

Yo and when the refs are wrong they never apologize like anyone else. No public press conference or nothing like that. Shit be like some twitter announcement on the bottom ticker during Sportscenter or some shit.

Not for nothing Denver would have buss the Mavs ass anyway but you gotta wonder what could have been in the ref blew the whistle (for the 62nd time) on Antoine Wright when Melo went up for the game winning 3pt.

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Anonymous said...

Why Dontay Jones got the dunk of the playoffs.... i didnt even see that dunk in game 3.

worndownboyboy said...

Refs are doing what they are told. they always go hard when one team is at home and switch their styles up..It is just they giving more precautionary flagrant and technical fouls since the fight in Detroit and Knicks nuggets scrap. That is why each week they rescinding fouls ..they dont want the fans to see some sort of disgrace when the lights are on.
Dahntay is a beast ... Been that way for years. He and JR Smith at the two will be the X factor for the next round. Lakers probably gonna need to let Kobe guard Billups half of the game cuz he will bully Farmar, outsmart Brown and D Fisher wont get any time if he not making 3s.

Denver has the most explosive bench in the NBA. not the best but when they are at home, they feed from the crowd's energy and vice versa. and god forbid Denver make it to the finals, their 5 man is going to run Eshokoshkah to death whether it is Nene, Andersen or Martin.