Thursday, May 7, 2009

TOUGH GUYS - Alston, Scola, Artest, Fisher

Lot's of toughery going on last night. It's always funny to see NBA players get into scraps. Artest finally had the moment everyone was waiting for which was kinda unfortunate because it seemed like he was turning the corner. Oh well, we all know hes crazy and honestly the NBA is better because of it. Scola got his, but did you see when he was about to slap the shit out of punk ass Luke Walton? Mad funny. D Fish got em' though and earned some much needed "good shit" points because his game lately has been so dissapointing. Another good thing about it is Fish probably wont play in game 3 and I personally think that's a good look for the Lakers. Let's go Shannon! And what the hell is wrong with Rafer Alston? This aint the polo Grounds Raf, this aint the Polo Grounds...


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