Thursday, May 21, 2009

They Were All Witnesses - Rashard Lewis

I don't wanna hear shit about Orlando stealing last nights game from the Cleveland Caveliers. While the Cavs supporting cast was watching the Lebron James show, Rashard Lewis was puttin them to sleep on the low, in my opinion FINALLY earning that 9 figure contract Orlando blessed him with. Those who know me know I don't give RL a inch but if he plays the way he did last night, Cleveland is a wrap. I don't think that Ni**a missed one shot in the 4th quarter. Put it like this, if they hold Lebron to just 40 of the 49 points they would have won decisively.

Cleveland needed the gut check but I have no clue why everyone is predicting a blow out in the next game. Orlando aint Atlanta and they definitely aint the Detroit Pistons.

Cleveland has been playing great team ball but sometimes the playoffs come down to indviduals and I'm not sure if Cleveland has those dudes (varjao, zerbiak, joe smith and some other bums) to take them there when goin get's tough.

Don't let Orlando "steal" game two.


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