Saturday, June 20, 2009

James Harden aka 2010 Rookie of the Year (Draft Preview)

Remember who told you first. Pac 10 Player of the Year James Harden will be the 2010 NBA Rookie of the year. As a west coast player, Harden went under the media's radar up until the NBA Combine. The supposed weakness on Harden was his athleticism, but while at the combine he put up above average times as well as numbers. All of his athletic testing numbers were better than the average for shooting guards historically at the combine. His standing reach and wingspan were a bit longer than the average SG as well. If I had to make a comparison to a player in the NBA it would be Brandon Roy. Harden will do whatever necessary to help his team win. He has point guard skills in a small forwards body. Able to knock down long range jump shots, of the dribble, at critical moment in the game.


worndownboyboy said...

We shall see, but with all these trades occurring Harden has a chance to go #2 or as low as #9.
Knicks have a realistic chance to be selecting from J Flynn, Rubio, Curry, J Holiday AND E Clark. I still feel like Flynn might be the best player in that grouping . But Curry might be the best player for the current system.

will said...

prob the most boring highlight reel ive ever seen.