Monday, June 15, 2009

King Kobe

Kobe finally got his Shaqless Chip. I'm happy for him. I'm also happy for Phil for getting his 10 chip. Orlando tried hard, but La's Defense was just on another level. Trevor shut down Turk, Gasol played outstanding D on both Rashard and Dwight. (I guess we will never here people call Gasol soft anymore.) And Lamar, like I said, was the x-factor. D Fish, who did step up real big when the lights was on, can now ride out his career into the sunset to die. D Fish game is like the old T.I., dead and gone. And I dont wanna hear all that shit about how the series could have been 3 to 1 in Orlando's favor. Just cus the games were close it seems like people wanna believe that all them games were decided by one play. The fact of the matter is no matter what Orl. did, Kobe was just gonna do something else better to top them and put the dagger in there hearts. The biggest play of the series to me was in Game 4 toward the end of regulation when Kobe grabbed Dwight and pulled him to the ground preventing him from getting the and 1 shot up. Dwight then proceeded to miss both free throws and the rest is history. I dont really blame Jameer to much on the D Fish 3 point play, because Stan Van Goofy should have never been playing full court pressure. Jameer had to guard Ariza and D.Fish running into the front court. Plus he should have been instructed to foul. Also where the fuck was Skip? How many times did Skip get a basket after the Magic was struggling to put the ball in the net?

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