Tuesday, April 21, 2009

"My mom's told me if somebody hit me to hit them back" - Sephon Marbury

This is a famous quote from "a dream deferred" AKA "remember those Iverson/ Marbury arguments well iverson won!" AKA "Dickhead" Stephon Marbury when he was fuding with then New York Knicks Head Coach, Larry Brown, AKA the only coach to win a ring at the college, olympic and National levels who is now getting money with Jordan and em in Charlotte (Don't sleep). It's unfortunate that the only reason I'm even addressing Steph in this post is because watching the Celtics struggle with the homie Kevin Garnett hurt only makes me think that Marbury is the sole reason why the Celtics wont make it past the second round IF they even get past the first. He is straight cancer on the court and more so in the locker room. I blame him for KG's injury because it was Marbury's ass that had me and KG stuck in Minnesota for a huned years with mad L's and limited playoff appearances. I promise, Marbury is bad luck for KG. Everybody has that one thing that just aint good for them and when you see it be it a person, smell whatever, you know shit is gonna go the wrong way for you. For Seinfeld it was Newman, for me it's light skin chics with pretty hair (sometimes trouble can be good for you!). But this is not the kind of trouble the Celtics need right now, especially when Paul Peirce is looking older than Vince Carter but without the lift in his legs (insert Derrick Rose block here). And lately Paul has been wearing that nervous "what we gon do" face way too often.

I don't know, maybe Doc Rivers should have done a bit more digging before bringing Steph into the fold, a few more phone calls a few more hail mary's. I fear this is a short term move that is going to have long term effects.



Anonymous said...

somebody pleaes get me the videos of step crying... theres at lesst three differnt times when he was fucking crying like a baby

worndownboyboy said...

F dat. Anthony Peeler two pieced KG in the playoffs. ahahaha
Doc and Danny had 5 months to actively research steph. They aint believe in Rondo and he is turning out to be the least of their worries. assholes. They shoulda got omar cook...