Tuesday, April 21, 2009


This post will be dedicated to those players who get a lil shine in the regular season but earn their paycheck and respect doing the dirty work in the playoffs. Some people, like Jordan Farmar sporting bridge and tunnel type hair cuts think they aren't part of the SBD crew and whind up losing their jobs to Chris Brown lookalikes we haven't seen play since they were playing for another team, big shouts to the homie Shannon Brown! The first person to grace the inauguaral SBD post is my man Mbengas! He got NO shine in game one but Ya'll know Phil Jackson has him ready to go beat up on some people and take scary jumpshots. Plus he has his own fan club! Phil Jackson HAS to be the greatest coach ever to get a nigga like Mbengas hot enough to get his own fan club...Stay Tuned...


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