Wednesday, November 4, 2009

B Jennings Gets Bizzy!

Please don't sleep on Brandon Jennings. I admit that when I first saw him a couple years back in the Mickey Deez All American game with that Retro Kids, kid and play flat top I was hating. I soon had to get up off that hated after seeing him get busy. Even though he had a funny played out hair cut, there was nothing played out or funny about his game. The media, and even Brandon's agent seems to have been sleeping on him for sometime now. When he decided to skip college and go pro in the Euro-Leagues people thought it was a bad decision. Then when the NBA Draft came around his agent advised him not to show up to MSG because he felt that he was not gonna be a Lottery pick. Low and behold Brandon was a Lottery pick, and even though he didnt get the playing time he expected, going to play over seas made him a more mature and complete player. Brandon put up incredible numbers in his NBA debut with 17, 9 and 9 falling just short of a triple double. 8 defensive rebounds for a 6-1 point guard fresh out the box is pretty damn good.
I got the chance to watch Brandon play against the Pistons the other day and I was very surprised by his performance. I knew he was gonna be real good as some point but I did not know it was gonna be this quick. He was getting bizzy out there in the Bradley Center. I don't think I ever heard a Milwaukee crowd get that loud and hype. I believe he had like 14 straight points in the 4th quarter. Jumpers, three pointers, lil Tony Parker floaters with the left, and he was playing D. Brandon is averaging 22 points, 4 bounds and 5 dimes a game, and with those numbers its safe to say that he may be playing in Jerry Jones and the Cowboys new arena at All-star break in not only in the rookie game but in the All-star game as well. If you don't know now you know!

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