Friday, November 20, 2009


Clippers head coach Mike Dunleavy doesn't think there's a better man for the job than himself.
After the Hornets fired Byron Scott last week, rumors have circulated that Dunleavy could be the next coach to get canned.
"When's the last time you ever saw an interim coach come in and the team be successful and make a playoff run?" Dunleavy said. "It's not happening. Nobody knows these guys better than I know them.
"Give a coach a chance to coach Eric Gordon and Blake Griffin. After that, fine. Let the chips fall where they may. Other than that, you just fall to pressure."
Dunleavy was referring to the fact that both Griffin and Gordon, the team's last two Lottery picks, are out with injuries.
"I understand fans," he said. "I don't blame fans. They're not technically a lot of times savvy. They don't understand and they don't weigh issues the way that you weigh them. They know wins and losses.
"We've had an awful run with this, but my track record is that I have not lost with my players. I have lost without my players, but I haven't lost with my players. From an ownership standpoint, I know there's always a lot of pressure. I'll live with whatever decision our owner makes. I'll live by it."
The Clippers are 4-9 this season.


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