Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Doo Doo Fisher

Everybody knows that my preseason pick to take the Golden Ball was the LA Lakers. I now want to make a slight correction on that pick. As long as Derick Fisher is the starting point guard for the Lakers they will continue to lose to teams they have no business losing to. Arron Brooks has officially made D.Fish his Bitch last year in the playoffs, and in La's last lost to Houston Brooks had a career high with 33 points. Meanwhile D.fish bum ass was 3 for 13. Backup Shannon Brown, who should have been starting a year ago, was 4 for 6 in only 15 mins. If you look at all the teams that faced La in the playoffs, each one significantly improved there back court. Utah picked up Eric Maynor, who recently made his first start for the injured Deron Willimas. Denver picked up Ty Lawson who recently banged all over the Lakers two games ago. Orlando picked up Puerto Rican all star Carlos Aroyo. And Houston last year promoted Brooks to the starting spot and made Lawry a starter off the bench.

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