Friday, November 20, 2009


I don't think I have to say too much about this but let's all agree to forget about the last year the boy AI had and appreciate the 10+ years of "Greatest 50" basketball. Ok so maybe he wasn't in the orginal fifty but we can also all agree that the 50G's list needs to be dusted off and edited to amplify.

Iverson, has had more influence on pop culture than any player in the history of the NBA, period. More than Jordan (yeah i said it!)Kobe, Lebron, Magic, Bird whomever. He repped for the people, you fealt like if you saw AI on the block, and you probably would, you could step to him, give em a pound and talk about b$%9es or somethin. Yo AI is the only reason I had braids and probably the reason I started getting tatted up, well that and my boy Guyton had the hook up out in Lefrak (What up Guyton!)

I've never had the pleasure to see AI play live but I'm hoping and praying (and I know a certain gumsoul blogger is probably doing more than that!) that the Big homie Donnie can get off that cheap shit and bring AI to MSG.Listen Donnie we Fuc'd up the Brandon Jennings movement now here's a chance to redeem yourself in a major way! Iverson represents all that is NYC basketball and no other city will embrace him the way we would. Yo Iverson would bring jerseys back b. AI is so good that even if he did come to NY the Knicks would still be ass but everyone would want to tune into a game just to see an icon playing in the most iconic of arenas, MSG.

Now if we can only get him on waivers from Reebok...

Stay Tuned NYC, stay tuned.


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