Monday, November 30, 2009

Nike Pro Combat (is Gar-Bage)

About 5 years ago I became a official college football fan. My homie Tyvon has been a die hard FSU fan for as long as I could remember so I stared out following Charlie Ward, Peter Warrick and Warrick Dunn. Then with the arrival of Vince Young (and Kevin Durant) I became a huge Texas Fan. Been fucking with the Longhorns ever since. (By the way we coming for that national chip this year, and Colt's getting that Heisman!)

So I'm watching college football this sat, and I notice that Nike is debuting there Nike Pro Combat Football Jerseys. These strange uniform appearances are the result of Nike's System of Dress program, which they say is supposed to revolutionizing the way football is dressed. Let me be the first to say that these are some of the ugliest looking jerseys that I have ever seen in my life. What really gets me is that they got lazy with the design by just having a universal template and just changing the colorway. Then they didnt even get all the colorways correct. LSU had on gold helmets even though they have never had gold in there school colors. Florida Gators had on blue jerseys with white looking all crazy.

Nike didn't even give a fuck about football until Under Armor started kicking there ass and making there pockets lighter. Nike wasn't even thinking about making products that go under your jersey cus you cant see them, and there all about viability. Football players are the most non-visible athletes, so you can see why Nike was letting the back up team handle there designs and marketing.

At the end of the day College Football is more about Money than competition and school tradition, so it is a win/win for historic programs who are always happy to take extra bags of cash and for Nike who can erase the individual school’s identities and make them into distinctive symbols of the Nike brand.

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